Are you interested in Purchasing Property in Michigan even though you are currently located somewhere else on the planet? Whether you are an hour away or on the other side of the planet, MY BUYER BROKER VIDEO SERVICES bring Michigan Properties to you, wherever you are!

Not only do I provide the listing information about properties available on our Local Multiple Listing Services, but I also perform a complete and extensive amount of research based upon your desired specifications, features and general location and type of property.

Using MY Proprietary Smart Device Application, now in Beta Testing, as Real Estate Agents I will not only Identify Properties that meet your criteria, but  I will literally shoot a walk-thru inspection of up to 15 potential  Dream Homes or desired Manufacturing Plant, Office or Store location. There is a big difference between a slick, heavily post-produced video commercial and a Video Inspection completed based upon your the criteria.

United States Housing and Urban Development statistics say that for instance the average Home Buyer visits on 15 homes IN PERSON, many Buyers visit many more than that, before settling on the one property that they purchase! Let ME help you narrow your search down to a number you can reasonably get through in person in 1 day……………..3 to 5 properties, because of the Video Inspections you’ve seen that I shot specifically for you and with your desired features in mind.

How can I justify this amount of cost or time of a full blown Video Production on 15 properties for you as a Buyer? need-help-selling-pic

Because MY invention, a Micro-Video Mobile Application (Patent Pending USA, Germany, China, India) not only allows me to shoot multiple videos of the properties you want to see, but it names and uploads each individual video and automatically creates a playlist of that property within minutes of shooting the last shot! With this Micro-Video Application I can shoot, edit and share with you a complete on site inspection of the property you are interested in as fast as I can walk through the property! I do NOT have to spend hundreds of dollars with a Video Producer or take hours of time to transfer and edit files from a camera or phone to a computer and then edit, render and upload a video by traditional purposes!

Let ne take you on a detailed inspection of up to 15 properties you have desired you’d like to consider and see from afar. This way you can focus on taking the time to visit in person those ONLY those  properties you decide you are most interested in!

Save Thousands of Dollars, Dozens of hours, if not days, that would otherwise be a complete waste of your time and money.

Dream Homes, Waterfront Properties, Manufacturing Plants, Investment Properties, Office Spaces, Retail Stores!

If you have an interest in using this Micro-Video App in the same manner I am in your State, Province or Country, contact me through this webpage and/or phone number.

GRRE Buyer Broker

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